Ilias Papageorgiou, is an architect who makes a living by pursuing the creative and responsible practicing of architecture. He studied at the School of Architecture of the Natiοnal Technical University of Athens

Pharmacy in Aleksandras avenue

An existing pharmacy had to be immediately relocated. The existing furniture was measured in detail and it was redesigned to fit to the new space. The new arrangement was a difficult “puzzle” because of the new requirements.
A decision that was very important was the removal of a part of the attic that was illegally built by a previous user of the shop, which hid the double height space in the front. The new owners sensibly accepted our proposal to get rid of all this weight. In order to bring out this crucial decision, the current form of the shop is presented in comparison to the previous situation.
The reappearance of the double space revealed an interior elevation. The wall that separates the attic from the shop was designed with small slots that allow limited views but also hide the air-conditioning infrastructure. The shape of the openings is characterized by an abstract cross which refers to the typical sign of a pharmacy.
The final shape was a result of a study on the cross motif. Many variations were drawn, which maintain the abstract shape of the cross, but maintain also the necessary transparencies and intransparencies and also take under consideration the structural strength of the material, which is plasterboard.
The attic, painted in white, is distinguished from the rest of the walls which were painted green, in order to bring out the wooden colour of the furniture through the use of a complementary colour, but also as a hint to the green colour of a pharmacy cross. The shop elevation is awaiting it’s design and construction when the shop revenues are able to finance it.


Τόνια Κατερίνη