Ilias Papageorgiou, is an architect who makes a living by pursuing the creative and responsible practicing of architecture. He studied at the School of Architecture of the Natiοnal Technical University of Athens

Competition for Eleytherias square in Eleysis

All references to the past and the adjoining archaeological space were incomporated in a modern way into the synthesis.  On the left and right side of Iera Hodos (Holy street), which as a passage was preserved in the design, triangular hills – supported by inclined walls – were created together with deepenings of the ground. The variations of high and inclined areas generate assosiations to the myth of Persephoni, and, most important, create potential for simultaneous activities on the public domain. High and low views add veriety to the visual field and give the opportunity to see the arcaeological site. In the general layout some other elements were taken into account such as the existing monument, entrance to the small church together with other neighbouring activities.


Ilias Papageorgiou, Aleksandra Gialouri, Petros Faltsetas: