Ilias Papageorgiou, is an architect who makes a living by pursuing the creative and responsible practicing of architecture. He studied at the School of Architecture of the Natiοnal Technical University of Athens


Throughout the years collaborations with many colleagues have enriched the projects but also the way of thinking.

A big part of the projects has been created in the cooperative architectural office of Notara street, between 2005 and 2013, together with Aleksandra Gialouri, Andreas Mariatos, Drossia Molla, Antonis Tselios, Thodoris Matatsis, Elya Karakassi and Petros Faltsetas.

Since 2017 many projects have been created in collaboration with dutch architect John Kusters, in Nijmegen but also other areas in the Netherlands. Thanks to this collaboration the word “Construction Art” (bouwkunde) reveals its meaning.

Collaborations have taken place with other colleagues as well

Marianna Papageorgiou

Panos Tourlas, Julie Psallida – Ixnos

Tonia Katerini

Christina Plaini, Nikoletta Dritsa – Grafeio3

Efi Eliopoulou, Nikos Dourampeis –Ecotone